Tips for Choosing The Right Major in College

Some of know what we are going to be when we grow up since we are 5 years old while others haven’t really given in a thought. Or maybe you wanted to be an astronaut or a super hero your whole life but don’t sound so realistic right now and you have to think of another soon.

Choosing a career is very serious and it is good to devote some time to think about it.

universityIf you have no idea what you want to study or what career path to follow.

There are many young people starting a career because they must study but do not know why. Others come from a family with a tradition in some profession and are pressure and are influenced by what their family say and wants.

Before choosing a career, it is important that you evaluate the pros and cons of the career for which you want to take. You must be well informed so ask questions and as many information as you can about the different majors offered and the chances that you will find a job when you graduate.

Keep in mind the following tips to help you choose the right college major for you.


  • You have a choice.

You can ask or seek opinions from others but do not be swayed by family members or friends. It’s good to share decisions with others, but do not do what others think is best for you. Doing something that other people wants you to do is a potential disaster when you realized you can’t do it or won’t do it anymore and quit. You don’t get refunds of your tuition when you quit.

  • Investigate the degrees each school specializes.

Do not think only about the traditional professions such as medicine, business, biology or law. Open the spectrum and investigate the specialties that you can study about. You can still work in the Health Care profession as a nurse or Radiology Technician and not just as a medical doctor.

  • Talk to friends, family or teachers about the career you want to study.

Maybe you know someone who has studied a course you are thinking and it can give you a vision of the good and bad side of your future career. And maybe you just need to be pushed a little. Having an idea or a picture of what life will be when you choose this course is a good motivation to finally select one.

  • Duration of studies.

How much time do you want to spend in college? You can stay there for 4 years or longer butif you don’t want a course longer than 4 years then medicine and law might not be for you.

  • Consider your financial possibilities.

StudyingThis would contribute to choose a public or private university. Of course there are college loans you can get but remember that you still have to eat and projects to do. Evaluate how much your living expenses will be, if you will need a job and if you can afford your subjects. You don’t want to work all the time and have no time for school when school is the reason you are working.

  • Research your chosen career at several universities.

It is good to get an idea of as many universities that you can that offers the course you like. Each university has their own special course that they excel more than the others. Going to a university that specialize your course means you are getting the best education which is a big factor when you apply for a job in the future.

  • Job opportunities

You might want to study a course where you can actually work in the future. The kind of jobs that is believed to be in demand when you graduate that will somehow assure you that you will have a job when you graduate is another good motivation.