Foreclosure: What Can You Do?

Has your lender been pressing you to pay your mortgage and arrears? Like many Americans, you are possibly 2 or 3 payments behind and that your mortgage lender is threatening for foreclosure. You are not alone in this situation. In the current economic recession, many homeowners are in the same boat.

mortgageMaybe it was the loss of employment or some other unexpected mishap placed you in this position. In any case, if you take a quick action, it is possible for you to stop foreclosure fast. You will need to contact the lender quickly once notified that your payments are delayed.

Taking measures from the beginning, will improve the likelihood that the mortgage lender will be inclined to work with you.

There are a variety of ways you can stop foreclosure fast. For a short period of unemployment, or other temporary situation you are in, unfortunately, the best solution might be a forbearance agreement. This is a short-term plan in which the bank agrees to accept some of the payments back, and then the balance over the next few months. Note that these are payments you make on top of your regular house payment each month. However, if your income is high enough to handle the extra load for a few months, this is the fastest way to solve the problem and catch up.

Other possible ways to stop foreclosure fast is to get a short refinancing Loan, the signing of a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or negotiate a mortgage modification or loan modification.

Most owners prefer a loan modification over the other options mentioned simply because it leads to smaller house payments.This requires a permanent change in the terms of the mortgage by which the mortgage lender agrees to reduce the loan’s interest rate, or extend the repayment term total payments so that your home was reduced at a level you can afford. Thousands of homeowners across the country have had a mortgage modification. The good news is that thousands of homeowners have taken advantage of mortgage modification to save their home from foreclosure and you can do the same.

Unfortunately, there is now a huge backlog of Mortgage loan in arrears in the hands of mortgage lenders. The result is that they are unable to answer your calls and letters within a reasonable time. Understandably, many distressed homeowners are frustrated in their efforts to negotiate a mortgage modification. Especially since many homeowners call the bank instead of going there; they end up talking to different individuals that may give them opinions and decisions. Most employees who talk with a low level employee who has been taught to read from a script and give the boiler-plate responses that could help nothing to you.

However, they do not have the authority to actually change any of the terms of your loan.

You may find that, after sending the payment you were told that the mortgage lender continues with foreclosure proceedings anyway. Best case is that you actually talk to someone in authority and succeed in negotiating a modification of the mortgage contract. It would be best to go to the bank in person and please your case.

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Then enter the next phase, which can be a bit long. You will need to submit documentation, review, notarize documents and make new loans, and oversee the entire operation through escrow. Depending on your temperament and the amount of time available to deal with all this, you may find it more manageable to get the help of a loan modification expert. These professionals have experience in dealing with most mortgage lenders. They know that contact with the authority to negotiate a settlement. They have the necessary negotiating skills to represent their interests, and often can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Having all the details that attended can lift a heavy burden off your shoulders, and can provide the most efficient way for you to stop foreclosure fast.